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Submitted on
September 29, 2012


19 (who?)
Aaand this is the end <3
Good luck to all who made an entry, we as judges will do our best to give attention to all these amazing entries and place them right! Thank you to all who entered and donated prizes n3n

Yes, hello~ <3
I'm holding my first contest and it contains 2 themes, between which you can choose. Read the whole journal and of course feel free to enter. If you still have any questions feel free to ask in this journal <3

:damphyr:Suggestions / additional infos:

For Theme 1: It can be either a complete different Fantasy Work. Skyrim or Mass Effect. A Fantasy World you imagine or a fairy tale! It can be a game, our world or it can be even very similar to Naruto just not following the canon story. For example Rui and Zetsu as little children. Which is AU because Zetsu wasn't ever a child.
It can be in a romantic or friendly way. They can even be enemies! Just be creative and if you got an idea and you aren't sure if it is accepte you can also ask me before!

For Theme 2: This has to be in the Naruto Canon. Somehow following Aiyoku's Story who worked as Assistant in a Kimono Story, worked as Assistant of Mû the second Tsuchikage and later owns her own Kimono store! So if you're gonna draw her alsone you can maybe include her job in it? Also she needs ages to do her hair and make up in the morning so that could be another idea.
Also she has a good friend in Konoha and they often meet. But Reira and her don't get along this well always.
And if you draw her with your OC you surely can include her personality somehow very well in this!


:bulletred: Theme 1

Zetsu and Rui - AU time

That means, draw/write them in an alternate Universe. It can be our Universe, then i got even clothing references for you. But it also can be in a fantasy like world. Just be creative! It can be in their freetime, during school. Maybe even in a swimming pool. I bet you get some nice ideas.
That means you have to draw Zetsu and Rui alone together! Do not add anyone else, details like anymals/other students and else is allowed of course <3

Rui and Zetsu aren't a perfect couple. They fight very often have on many different things different opinions, but they surely also have their romantic moments Which get either interrupted or are very short because of their lack of time. Be creative with a situation!
For more informations about them and especially about Rui can be found here:…


Rui's Outfits and her reference:… ;


Rui and Zetsu in their AU outfits (though you can create a new one for Zetsu):

For fantasy-like outfits you can design them yourself!

:bulletred: Theme 2

Aiyoku's 'Friendship'

My Pre-Generation OC Aiyoku is rather new, hence why her story isn't completly made up. She has only one friend and this will stay like this, because she's a horrible person. But she still needs a few enemies, persons which don't like her. Here you can come up either with you own OC, if you have a pre-generation one or you draw/write her with her best and only friend Reira, which is KirCorns OC.
That means you have to draw Aiyoku alone, together with Reira her best friend or your OC, which would bother Aiyoku.

Aiyoku is vain and a bitchy person. She doesn't likes people, because they make her life more complicated in general and she refuses to talk to them. Apart of sexy guys of course. She likes to flirt and to work on Kimono's. She's also not a Shinobi, even though she learned the basics, she never practiced after leaving her family.
More information about Aiyoku can be found here:…
More info about Reira can be found here:…


Aiyoku Ayatsuru: ; ;

Reira Uchiha:

No stolen Art
Do not use Bases
Do not Trace
No Bashing
Do not copy other ideas, be creative
Writing and Drawing is allowed
Allowed is 1 entry per theme by user. So you can do 2 but it has one to be for Theme 1 and one for Theme 2

7. December


:star: 1st Place; 1000 :points: or 10€ (equal to 12$). 2 full drawing with max. 3 characters, a screenshot in glowy screenshot style and a Feature in my journal & endless, endless love, faves and watch~ Also a full drawing with 2 characters and a background from the wonderful KirCorn! Also a custom Journal CSS/Journal Skin by the lovely TentacleTwat. :new: Also from the gorgeous Hanatan You get a Custom Adoptable, designed by her!

:star: 2nd Place; 600 :points: or 6€ (equal to 7,50$). A full drawing with max. 3 characters, a screenshot in glowy screenshot style and a Feature in my Journal & Endless love with faves and watch~ Also a shaded drawing with 1 character from the wonderful KirCorn. Also a custom Journal CSS/Journal Skin by the lovely TentacleTwat.

:star: 3rd Place; 400 :points: or 4€ (equal to 5$). A full drawing with 2 character, a fullbody sketch and a Feature in my Journal & Love with faves and watch. Also a custom Journal CSS/Journal Skin by the lovely TentacleTwat.

Attention!: To get the money prizes you need to have a paypal account, otherwise you get the points!

:damphyr:How I will decide the winner:
I'll do it with the help of the wonderful girls KirCorn, Myttchi and Scribblenoodle!
From both themes we will choose the best entry. And then after we chose the best entry from Theme 1 and the best entry of Theme 2. We decide which one is better from those two and then they will be 1st or 2nd places. The third place is an 'extra' we choose what we liked from any of the 2 themes.
Send me a note with your entry, otherwise I might don't get it!

:thumb331330314:CE - Midnight Dust by Nokito-Tan :CE: AU ZetsuRuiCrocodile
Another argument ended in vain for Rui, she couldn’t win. The ‘comebacks’ she was shouting at the opposition were useless, and she knew that. It was arguing for the sake of arguing. In public they tolerated each other but alone there was no-one to prevent their arguing. The two argued about the most stupid things; what colour something could be classed as, the type of food something was, whether the alligators or crocodiles in the local zoo were better. If they could find something to argue about, they would do so without hesitation.
In a sense, they were connected. They always seemed to know what the other was thinking and what their view on something was, the latter being what usually began the constant bickering. It was as though their brains were in sync with one another and despite the arguing, they were able to work extremely well together on assignments, their differences being set aside for the duration of whatever they were doing.
CE: Zetsu X Rui AU: I'll lead by fegantenCE-Colored-Fairy prince and Collage Gal~! by villagoFirst Contest of Kikuri-Lia by Angy89:thumb340572652::thumb341549533:/ CE-RuiZetsu-ENGLISHRuiZetsu
"Hey, AH what are you doing?" At the next moment he had his Arms around me and pressed me close to his chest. "So fast you will not get away from me…" He put his Lips on my sweaty forehead and smiled triumphantly. "Stop it!" A bit helpless I lifted my two arms against his chest and wanted to escape, but he held me tight, like always. "We are not finished yet…" Slowly his Kisses walked along my temple and stroked my ear. Every Kiss, no matter how small, gave me this electrifying Feeling of the Moment before, his Hands on my hip and on my neck, his cold gaze, where I could still see the passion and his warm and wonderful Body, right next to me. "Well, do you still have any objection?" As an answer i punched him in his stomach and gave him a cold Smile. "That was the last Time, Zetsu…! Let's get it over with!" "The last Time of what?" Before i could answer him, he put his wet Lips on mine.
"RUI! Do you fell asleep again?" Startled, she jumped up from her green chair and looked ar

Theme 2:
CE - Night Talk by Nokito-Tan Contest by Kikuri-Lia by XxYorunoHimexX:thumb341175375:Contest Entry: Aiyoku by Chloeeh

If there's anything that's on your mind or you have questions, feel free to ask!
Good luck and have fun!
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MelodiaMystic Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Becca!!! Q_Q Das ist meine Entry aber nur auf Deutsch. Aber gaaaaaanz versprochen ich gebe dir heute noch die englische Version, ich muss sie nur noch einmal überarbeiten... aber erstmal sollte ich schlafen... Q.q Ich hoffe es gefällt dir trotzdem und du kriegst die englische Version noch also keine Sorge!

Empire-Ant Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
asghgas keinen stress, dein Entry ist ja schon fertig die zweite version darf also noch nachgereicht werden (kommt jetzt nicht auf eine stunde an XD) <3
Habe auch schon ein comment geschrieben und alles sonstige gemacht ,v; Danke nochmal <3<3
MelodiaMystic Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Immer wieder gerne. <3
Purinsesu-sama Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want participe too! But I don't know if will give time. T-T
Empire-Ant Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;v; Well only 2 more days
Purinsesu-sama Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll not have time to finish ~cry~ I have to go to college T-T
Anyway, next time I'll try!
The incomplete drawing: [link]
Empire-Ant Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh I'm sorry I just can't extend the deadline any longer so everyone had now 2 months and 1 week ;v;
Anyways it looks just adorable so far ;v; I love the outfits and the expressions <3<3
Purinsesu-sama Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, I know ;-;
I only discovered about your contest when it is finishing.
Oh, thank you so much! When I has time, I'll finish and submit here! ^^
Empire-Ant Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh! Well I really had to close it now after 2 months so all judges had time including me n3n
Oh I'd be so very happy ;3;
Purinsesu-sama Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, two months is a lot haha. I'll finish \o-o/ I hope you enjoy ^^
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