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Rui Wanigawa

Rui Wanigawa

Birthdate: June 27th
Gender: Female
Age: Part I: 23 | Part II: 25-26
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 138 kg
Blood Type:0
Occupation:Part I: Spy | Part II: Team Leader of the Team with her friends
Affilation: Tanigakure
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Academy Grad. Age: 12
Chuunin Prom. Age 16
Missions Completed: 73 D-Rank | 107 C-Rank | 145 B-Rank | 42 A-Rank | 0 S-Rank
367 missions in total
Stats: Ninjutsu: (5/5) | Taijutsu: (2,5/5) | Genjutsu: (0,5/5) | Intelligence: (4/5) | Strength: (3,5/5) | Speed: (5/5) | Stamina: (3/5) | Hand seals: (4/5)
Total: 27,5
Family: Hisako Wanigawa (Mother) | Zetsu (lover) | Hanabira Wanigawa (future daughter) | Kyuuka Wanigawa (future daughter)
Personality: Rui has a good self-assessment, so she knows it's difficult to deal with her. She is very rude to people who said bad things about her. Rui don't likes to be ignored or disliked, but she don't do anything to change it. Lying comes easy for her, but that doesn't mean that the people believe her lies. Even to friends she's not always nice, but most of the time she can't hide her sympathy to them.
■ Her first name means "tear", which really does not suit her, because she almost never shows tears. Her last name is more fitting, meaning "crocodile skin" and is the surname of the family of her mother, who then had a summoning contract with the crocodiles.
■ Her birthday is on the 27th June, meaning her zodiac sign is Cancer.
■ Her stomach tolerates just about any food, probably even stones, but she likes meat, preferably fresh. She even likes fish very much too, but she hates spicy or sweet things.
■ Most people think that her teeth must be sharp, but she has quite normal teeth.
■ She does not like her curly hair so the most time she straightens it.
■ She dislikes wearing shoes when she’s at home at her village or in the water.
■ Rui loves rivers more than the sea, because her orientation there is bad. She also is afraid of the sharks there.

More info and her Story

[ R u i ] by Inconcabille
Double Trouble by annria2002Rui's reference by Empire-Ant

Zetsu and Rui

Info will be added later~
[ R u i | Z e t s u ] by Inconcabille
Quiet Plants by Lairamperverted sicko by jhustinian

Jar'Rhan vas Nehyaz


Birthdate: July 6th 2149 CE
Gender: Male
Race: Quarian
Height: 168 cm
Affilation: The Quarians heavy fleet
Rank: Staff Commander
Personality: Jar is a very quiet and reserved person. But he is being a strong and commands his team on his own way. Of course he doesn't dares to act against the admirals. He often has success with the mission he has to do.
With girls he is mostly very shy and even more quiet than usually. He also feels uncomfortable with females near him, hence why he just has a female medic in his team. Other than that he is aloof but friendly.

commissionEmpireAnt by crimson-nemesisK: Jar'Rhan by Night-Owl101


Info will be added later~
[ L l i a n a | J a r ' R h a n ] by Inconcabille
Comm: Lliana and Jar'Rhan by Vaahlkult-A message from the fleet- by Empire-Ant



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i forgot ;x



[ R u i | Z e t s u ] by Inconcabille[ R u i ] by Inconcabille[ A i y o k u | M u ] by Inconcabille
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About me and me and my doggie~

Name: Rebecca
Date of Birth: 13/07/94
Gender: Female
Speaks: German, English and Russian (though not very well).
Likes: Cake | Sweets | My Dog | Books | Video Games | My Pc | Drawing | Baking | Motorcycles
Music Artists: Die Antwoord | Coldplay | Asobi Seksu | Gorillaz | Depeche Mode

Aiyoku Ayatsuru

Aiyoku Ayatsuru

Birthdate: September 30th
Gender: Female
Time of Birth: Roughly 84 years before the Kyuubi attacked Konoha and Naruto was born
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Kimono Designer
Affilation: Iwagakure
Family: Rika Ayatsuru (Mother) | Mobou Ayatsuru (father)
Personality: Will be added later~

[ A i y o k u ] by Inconcabille
:thumb340624381:Aiyoku by Isaddesu

Aiyoku and Mū

Info will be added later~
[ A i y o k u | M u ] by Inconcabille
AT: Empire-Ant by OrangenblueteSeducing the Tsuchikage by annria2002

Art List

Progress Info

PSS - Starting by Oceannist - not started
PSS - Sketching by Oceannist - sketching
PSS - Inking by Oceannist - inking
PSS - Coloring by Oceannist - colouring
PSS - Shading by Oceannist - shading
PSS - Finished by Oceannist - finished

My Stuff~

ZetsuRui Screenshot - PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
MugiRingo Screenshot - PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
LliJar Screenshot - PSS - Starting by Oceannist
EnjiKuro Screenshot - PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
VirVir Screenshot - PSS - Sketching by Oceannist
TeshVeka Screenshot - PSS - Sketching by Oceannist

Commissions or Art Trades - Closed

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Lovely Features for my favourites~

CM - Hokuto and Minami by TejaMaOuch... by Aleigh-B


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